Jaycee Lee Dugard Applies For Driver’s License, Gets Birth Certificates For Daughters

Jaycee Lee Dugard is trying to piece together a normal life, one document at a time.

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Dugard, who was issued a California identification card in November, has recently requested a driver’s license.

Dugard was held captive by abductor Phillip Garrido for eighteen years in a compound he built in his backyard. He is the father of her two daughters, who are now 15 and 12.

Jaycee Dugard’s Kidnapper Planned To Open His Own School And Government Stamped His Application!

Last week, the two girls were finally issued birth certificates that were ordered by a judge in December. Their birth dates are listed as August 1994 and November 1997. Garrido is listed as their father and his Antioch, Calif., property is listed as their birthplace.

PHOTOS: Inside the Garrido Home

As the three women reintegrate into society, they are staying in a secret location out of the public eye. Meanwhile Garrido and his wife, Nancy, are behind bars.

The couple had pleaded not guilty to 29 felony counts of kidnapping, forcible rape and false imprisonment in connection with the 1991 case. Garrido’s bail is set at $30 million, while Nancy’s is set at $20 million.

The are due back in court on March 25.

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