EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: “Help Me! Help Me!” Artist Lucy Schwartz

All of 20, this brand-new singer songwriter is best known for her songs on TV shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Arrested Development,” plus numerous movies, but with her new single, “Help Me! Help Me!” she sets out on her own — with our camera. Video blogging with power tools (you have to watch); vlogging while she creates a home-made video, this zany artist gives us an inside look at her life.

How many artists include baton swirling, interpretive dance and puppetry in their first video? And the self-admitted “addict” (it’s not what you think) tells us five things you’d never guess about the zany artist.

Lucy may sing “Help Me!” but with her talent, she has all the help she needs.

By Evan Hosie

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