EXCLUSIVE STATEMENT: Bristol Palin Fires Back At Levi Johnston In Child Support Battle

Bristol Palin has fired back at her baby daddy Levi Johnston in their child support battle and RadarOnline.com is first to obtain her exclusive statement.

In legal papers Levi said it’s not possible for him to pay $1,750 a month in child support for their baby Tripp, as Bristol requested, because his income is “erratic.” But his lawyers said Levi is hopeful for a good career in entertainment.

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Perhaps playing off the language used by Levi’s lawyers, Bristol released this statement to RadarOnline.com through her attorney:

“Bristol is hopeful that Levi will obtain work in 2010.  She is encouraged that he acknowledged in court his obligation to pay childsupport and that he acknowledged paying $4,400 in the last 14 months. Bristol expects to mediate a child visitation schedule with Levi that balances Tripp’s need to be with his father with Levi’s need to travel and seek work.”

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For those of you haven’t been to law school (or through a custody battle), that’s lawyer-speak for “Pay up, bud.”

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