EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan: “I’m Not A DeadBeat Dad;” Says He Settled Child Support Case

Michael Lohan appeared before a judge in Nassau County, NY, on Tuesday morning after his ex-wife Dina Lohan claimed he had fallen 7 months behind in child support.

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The hearing was closed so it’s not clear how much Michael was in arrears, but Lohan told RadarOnline.com exclusively that reports calling him a “deadbeat dad” are way off.

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“The numbers are wrong and so are the facts,” he said on Tuesday.  “Dina will even state that I am not deadbeat. As Dina and our attorneys will confirm, Dina and I mediated the support issue and resolved it on our own. After a dispute over what was paid through the “system” and what was paid otherwise, I agree that money is owed and we settled. Dina even stated that I am a good father and I did provide my children with what they needed outside the ‘system.’ We left on good terms. I know that only good things will follow.”

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Michael continued,  “I am sorry it came to this, but to be honest, I was a little arrogant about this in the beginning because of the situation with Lindsay. I regret it and will never do it to Dina or my children again.”

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Is Lohan really turning a new leaf? He tells RadarOnline.com that he’s even considering handling his personal business outside the media glare.

“As far back as the beginning of our divorce, I wanted to sit face to face and mediate things,” he said. “When we did, it was all resolved amicably. I hope people learn from this and see that things can be worked out on our own, without making matters worse.  I knew there was a reason I married Dina. Not only because we were blessed with our children, but because she is a good woman at heart “

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