WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Photo Of Jon Gosselin's Ransacked Bedroom – With Knife In Note!

This is the photograph that started a war – and a police investigation.

PHOTO: Jon’s Ransacked Bedroom has exclusively obtained a photograph of Jon Gosselin‘s ransacked apartment bedroom. The photo shows a large Japanese chef’s knife speared through a note and stuck into the top of his dresser.

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Jon’s reps have said that ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman was responsible for the carnage and that she wrote the note. Her lawyer has denied it. Police are investigating.

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In this world exclusive photo, obtained by from a source deep inside the investigation, stuffing from a shredded furniture item can be seen on the floor on the right side. Gosselin said that when he returned to his apartment clothing items and furniture were shredded with a knife. His team blames Hailey, who had just moved out after their breakup.

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Hailey’s attorney admits she took items from the apartment but says the items belonged to her and she denies she ransacked the place.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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