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VIDEO: Guest Idol Judge Katy Perry Clashes With Kara DioGuardi

Sweet, motherly Paula Abdul, she’s not — but should American Idol need a snarky replacement after Simon Cowell leaves, the show shouldn’t look any further than last night’s guest judge, rocker Katy Perry.

The I Kissed A Girl singer was a strong panelist on Tuesday evening’s tryout show, displaying the swagger and musical know-how that’s made her one of  brightest young artists in the industry. Perry, fittingly, ran Hot ‘N’ Cold, directing plenty of chills toward judge Kara DioGuardi, even threatening to toss a soda in her face at one point.

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Perry showed plenty of Simon-esque ‘tude toward hopeful Chris Golightly, telling him that despite his sad back story (he grew up in a foster home), “This is not a Lifetime movie, sweetheart… you have to have talent.”

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Luckily for Golightly, Katy still gave him the thumbs up. Hey, the girl runs hot and cold, we told ya.

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