VIDEO: The Bachelor – "Do I Have To Give Out Two More Roses?"

The Bachelor’s hunky pilot Jake Pavelka cleaned house on Monday night’s episode, sending four women home in his quest for reality TV romance, and asking the unprecedented question, ”Do I have to give out two more roses?”

The evening began smooth for Jake, who in his first series of dates, liked Gia and Tenley enough to give each a rose.

Things got rocky on 2-on-1 date with Ella and Kathryn, as Jake sent them both packing, citing lack of chemistry.

“You’re going to meet a guy that’s gonna absolutely sweep you off your feet and I wanna be that guy — but my heart is just telling me I’m not that guy,” he told Kathryn.

The episode reached its climax during the rose ceremony, when Jake surprisingly asked host Chris Harrison, “Do I have to give out two more roses?”

Jake then gave one rose to Vienna, before sending the teary tandem of Jessie and Ashleigh on their way.

Still remaining in the race to capture Jake’s heart are Gia, Tenley, Ali, Corrie and Vienna; the Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8/7c.

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