Tila Tequila Continues Her Fight To Save Casey Johnson's Dogs

While she continues to grapple with the loss of her fiance Casey Johnson, Tila Tequila is cherishing the memories of their time together and also expressing outrage concerning her suspicions that there is a plan to put one of Johnson’s dog to sleep.

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“If any1 is an animal lover like me, putting a dog to sleep before it’s time is just wrong & that’s what they did,” she said on her Twitter page. On Wednesday, Johnson’s childhood friends Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips went to Tequila’s house to take the heiress’ dogs and other personal belongings away.

The clearly heartbroken reality and internet star has taken her healing process online, defending their relationship and sharing moments of her and Johnson’s time together through pictures, blogs and Tweets. One aspect
adding to the current sad state of affairs is her seeming tension with Johnson’s family.

“Well I Can’t Bring Her Back Now But At Least I know the Love Between us WAS REAL & They CAN NEVER TAKE THAT AWAY!” she wrote. “Casey Picked ME Over Her Family & Thats Why They R All Badmouthing Me in Press Cuz She Loved Me More!”

While a representative for Casey’s family denied rumors they were planning to put the dogs to sleep and bury them with Casey, a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com that was indeed the plan.

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“I guarantee that those poor little doggie has been put to sleep as I type this. I took care of them. Her family abandoned her for 5 years!” a distraught Tequila wrote.

Tequila also defended having called the police when Hilton and Phillips arrived at her home. “This is sad. I was only trying to protect the Dogs from being killed. Those girls are HEARTLES & RUDE.”

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Tequila promises that all the rumors will be put to rest in the near future: “You all will know the full story soon. They are trying to keep me quiet right now, but next week I will tell u what they dont want u 2 know.”

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