Star On The Rise: Meet Rachel Heller

Tinseltown is filled with wide-eyed starlets looking to make it big. As 2010 gains steam, introduces you to someone who actually may be the next star in the making.

PHOTOS: See More Of Rachel Heller

Rachel Heller, a brunette beauty from New York, was recently chosen as The Freshest Face of the New Year by IMDB (The Internet Movie Database).

Hailing from a family of industry heavy hitters (her father is Mark Jay Heller, Jon Gosselin’s attorney, and her brother is Mike Heller, a power broker for Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton), Heller is no slouch herself. Besides graduating from Columbia University in 2006, she also studied at the legendary Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in 2008.

With three feature films slated for 2010 and a television credit under her belt, Heller is rolling into the next decade full steam ahead.

Aside from her talents on the screen, Heller also speaks French (and can assume Southern and British accents), counts singing as one of her top skills, can dance ballet, and is comfortable doing improvisation and comedy.

Simply stated, Rachel Heller is the whole package and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

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