Michael Lohan Challenges Jon Gosselin To Boxing Match

Everybody wants a piece of Jon Gosselin….well, except his former wife Kate Gosselin, that is.

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Jon’s ex-bff Michael Lohan is challenging the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star to a big money boxing match.

Lohan plans to publicly lay down the gauntlet on January 6 at a press conference where he’ll announce that he’s stepping into the ring against an actor named Derek Macintosh during Celebrity Boxing 16, scheduled for January 15 in Philadelphia.

Gosselin is also being challenged to box Damon Feldman. RadarOnline.com exclusively reported that the boxing promoter is offering Gosselin the chance at a $120,000 purse to step into the ring with him. Feldman is furious at Gosselin for the way he’s treated Hailey Glassman.

Boxing Promoter Wants To Take On Jon Gosselin

The card will also feature two female competitors with the referee being….are you ready?….Jon Gosselin’s ex-flame Kate Major!

Jon Had A Secret Contract With Kate Major

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