KODAK’s New Camera A Snap For Moms-On-The-Move

Today’s moms are more cognizant than ever of the technological revolution taking place around us, as a recent survey revealed 93 percent of mothers own a digital camera, and a third say they don’t even leave the house without theirs in tow.

So for the seven percent of mamas still lagging, we have the perfect accessory to get you up with the times: the KODAK Slice Touchscreen Digital Camera, a modern, sleek and stylish two-in-one camera that serves as both a capture and a photo sharing device.

The KODAK Slice Touchscreen Digital Camera has the following features which make it a natural for moms-on-the-move: a 3.5 inch LCD screen and expansive 16:9 aspect ratio; and a high-contrast capacitive touchscreen with a fast user interface anyone can learn in an instant.

With 2GB of internal memory, the KODAK Slice Touchscreen Digital Camera doubles as a portable photo album, with capacity to hold up to 5,000 images.

For more info, check out Kodak.com.

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