EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon Says He Won't Make Her Breasts Larger

Heidi Montag has boasted that she wants to increase her new ‘Triple D’ breasts to an ‘H’ Cup but her plastic surgeon Frank Ryan has told RadarOnline.com that he WON’T be doing anymore breast surgery on The Hills reality star.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com the Beverly Hills physician lifted the lid on Montag’s procedures admitting that the breast augmentation and rhinoplasty were the most difficult procedures to perform.

About Heidi’s new breasts, her doctor told RadarOnline.com: “They are a little bit larger than I wanted I counseled her many times and told her ‘Heidi these are a little bit big and the bigger you go the more the complication risk increases’, he  revealed.

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And in terms of making them any bigger, the doctor said: “I told Heidi, ‘If you want to do it I don’t know who you will find but it’s not going to be me.’ I strongly recommend she just doesn’t do it.

“The nose was difficult by definition because we had done it before and she got elbowed when she was rehearsing for Miss Universe, I think, so, she had a little indentation – and by definition a second rhinoplasty when it has been done before is just more difficult. So, those things were the most difficult I would say.”

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Dr Ryan also tried to explain why Montag said that ‘she felt she was dying’ after the procedures after taking Demerol during her after care.

He said: “It is common in post surgery for people to say I can’t breathe I feel like an elephant is on my chest – ‘help, help’ – they are breathing fine they are just not aware of it.

“As Heidi and I talked about it afterwards I said ‘Heidi you didn’t almost die let’s re-phrase this, okay’.

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Dr Ryan also defends his decision to perform ten plastic surgeries on the actress in one day and insists the public is just not aware of the realities of plastic surgery in Hollywood today.

“In Heidi’s case – in a healthy 23-year-old girl – this was perfectly appropriate and the public is getting used to that or hearing about it for the first time.

“This is what young women and men are doing all the time – you know in terms of procedures together.”

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