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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Heidi Montag's Doc Says Her Plastic Surgery A "Well Thought Out Career Move"

Reality TV star Heidi Montag’s ten plastic surgeries in one day shocked America — and now, speaking out for the first time, her surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan exclusively told RadarOnline.com that the stunning 23-year-old had the procedures done not only to enhance her appearance but also as part of a “well thought out career move.”

Ryan told us that Heidi decided to undergo drastic plastic surgery because she felt self-conscious about her out-sticking ears and protruding chin; but he also reveals she was motivated by the desire to look her best to excel in show business, an industry that, too often, focuses too much attention on style vs. substance.

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“I couldn’t have done that,” Ryan said of the ten surgeries in a day. “Sitting down there with the wisdom of someone much older and thinking: ‘What is it I really need to do to propel my career?’ Is it right or wrong to use plastic surgery to propel your career? I don’t know. [But] since Marilyn Monroe and back, its been happening left and right, so that was her decision.”

Ryan also told us Montag’s husband Spencer Pratt was Heidi’s rock when it came to supporting his wife in her bold decision.

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“I think Heidi was 100 percent essentially, and Spencer was plus minus about it,” Ryan said. “He wanted to support her because he really loves her — they are both a really loving couple — that frankly the public doesn’t know they are truly devoted to one another and loving, but he loves his wife and agreed to do it.”

In response to an exclusive report by RadarOnline.com detailing Montag’s father, Bill, being  concerned for his daughter’s well-being, Ryan — who has performed as many as 20 surgeries on a patient in a single day — said he believes The Hills starlet’s decision making was sound.

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“Liposuction and breast surgery goes on in great numbers,” he said. “Heidi is 23-years-old [and] has been voting for five years — she is an adult, she made an informed decision, she made a good call as an adult … dads are really anti-breast implants for their daughter actually, so the reaction is they want to support their daughter or son getting plastic surgery, because they want to be there for them, or saying, ‘Honey, you are perfect the way you are.’

“Doesn’t surprise me, quite frankly,” Ryan said.