EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ex-Bachelor Matt Grant Had His Own Producer Would-Be Scandal

Matt Grant, the main man on ABC’s The Bachelor 12th season, titled The Bachelor: London Calling, sat down for a series of exclusive interviews with RadarOnline.com, dishing about the behind the scenes and on-camera secrets of the hit show.

In the first of the interviews, the charming, hunky Brit spills all on his views regarding the scandal surrounding the current season and reveals his own producer would-be scandal that was nipped in the bud by show execs.

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In the current edition of The Bachelor, contestant Rozlyn Papa was sent packing after ABC revealed that she had engaged in an “inappropriate relationship” with a show producer. The staffer in question, senior producer Ryan Callahan, subsequently lost his job after being fired by the show’s top brass.

Interestingly, Matt tells RadarOnline.com the situation closely mirrored his own experience on the show, when he found himself falling for a producer too – though not Callahan!

Matt says he fell for the unnamed female producer but the other producers soon recognized the chemistry between the two and kept them apart.

“There was one person on the show I really fancied, and she was a producer, who was absolutely awesome, but wasn’t, unfortunately, a participant on the show,” Matt tells RadarOnline.com.  He quips that with his situation and the current one maybe ABC should change the format of the hit show to where you can take “any member of the cast or crew and swap them! If you fancy one of the crew members you can swap them out with a cast member.”

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Sadly though, Matt says, “I really liked the producer, she’s amazingly, but now she’s really happy with someone else, unfortunately. It sucks”

He says that the producers at the time “saw the chemistry between this person and myself and kept us apart.” He goes on to say that he understands why though, “It’s cool, they have a business to run, they have a job to do, they have children to feed. They’re good people.”

He says, “At the end of the day when the guy starts not really being interested in the participants and starts seeing a producer it’s not really conducive to a TV show that’s about bringing people together.”

Weighing in on the recent Bachelor “scandal” and comparing the current show to his own, Matt says, “Obviously on the current Bachelor there’s lots of controversy. They need the controversy.

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“On my season there was no controversy, it was kind of mundane” Going on to describe the one bit of almost controversy on his show, he says one girl “took off her thong on the first night in the house and put it in my pocket”. Which he says was “nice” but then goes on to joke that that’s obviously “what I look for in a woman.” And adding “It was obviously not up there with Jake’s one.”

He says the current controversy though is a “good story to sell the bachelor franchise.” Matt says he believes they need to “breath new life into [the show].”

He goes on to say that he doesn’t know how true ABC’s version of the events is, and isn’t sure whether to believe the story, but obviously drawing on his own experience, says that it’s “quite possible for a contestant to fall for one of the production crew.”

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Matt says that when he was filming there was a “really good looking guy” that was a member of the crew and that he was also really nice and whenever Matt saw him chatting to the girls he got “paranoid” and was amazed that none of the girls fell for him!

He says that he doesn’t know what to make of current Bachelor Jake’s stunned and hurt reaction to the news of Rozlyn and the producer. Saying, “You can’t get it right all of the time when you’re filming 24/7. You don’t know if he was produced to act shocked.”

Going on to say that when you’re in Jake’s position there’s a lot going on in your mind, “You want yourself to look good, you want people not to get too hurt.

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“It’s possible if you got carried away with it – with being The Bachelor – you could get offended that one woman had gone off with a guy.”

But as far as Matt’s concerned? “I personally would of been relieved. I would think it’s great. It saves me having to kick someone off the show.”

Conceding though that it would suck if it was the one participant on the show you really liked that fell for someone else, then, Matt quips, “I’d have to beat the crap out of the guy!”

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