EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin A ‘User And Loser’ Says His Ex

Jon Gosselin is a “user and a huge loser,” says a woman who should know!

We’re talking about his ex girlfriend, Kate Major, who gets candid and blunt about the ex reality TV star in a new interview with RadarOnline.com.

Major, 27, was interviewed in Philadelphia where her new boyfriend, Michael Lohan, was fighting in a charity boxing match. And Major threw a few punches of her own.

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“He’s a user and a huge loser,” she told RadarOnline.com about Jon. “He seems to go for nice girls from nice families and, in my case, with good careers. I would love Jon to get into the boxing ring with Michael Lohan so he could get his butt kicked because, let’s face it, we all know he needs the money.”

Kate also had some words of warning for Jon’s new girlfriend, 25-year-old Morgan Christie.

Michael Lohan & Kate Major Moving In Together

“I don’t know if she missed out on the last year, but I’d really like to warn her and her family to really look at the type of person that Jon is and look at what he did to his other ex’s,” Kate told RadarOnline.com. “She should be careful and watch out.”

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As RadarOnline.com reported exclusively, Jon and Morgan met during Thanksgiving while he was skiing in Utah. Christie reportedly comes from an affluent Conneticut family.

“All I know about Morgan is that she met Jon while he was supposedly visiting his grandmother,” Kate said. “But he was probably just sitting around smoking weed with his buddies, and that’s when he met her.”

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Kate continues, “It seems perfect that this is the next beat for Jon. He has no job, he has no family to go to other than his kids. He needs to take advantage of someone else now. Jon wouldn’t be with this girl if she couldn’t offer him some kind of financial support and I’m afraid that she may be the next victim.”

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