EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Former Bachelor Contestants On Producer Scandal – ABC Will “Do Anything To Create Drama”

Two former contestants on ABC’s The Bachelor tell RadarOnline.com that they believe the network has manufactured the show’s scandal this season concerning Rozlyn Papa’s relationship with a show producer. Papa was booted as a contestant this season and charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a producer.

One of the ex-contestants was “baffled” at why Rozlyn, who is very attractive, would even consider hooking up with producer Ryan Callahan!

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“I don’t see what Rozlyn would see in Ryan at all,” one of the ex-contestants told RadarOnline.com. “He’s kind of overweight, he’s not good looking at all and I thought he was a bit of a douche. He’s totally not cool either.”

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The other ex-contestant doesn’t believe that Rozlyn and Ryan got together. “You have to be so careful on that show because someone could step on your foot and they’ll make it look like you broke your toe! ABC will do anything to create drama.

“Even if they were just cuddling, the producers can easily make it look like something more.”

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Both ex-contestants asked to remain anonymous and said they don’t believe that he would have cheated on his wife, Stephanie, even though they were going through a divorce at the time. “His wife was a great catch for him. She was wealthy, beautiful and nice.  He seemed very much in love with her. I don’t believe it was his choice to end the marriage.  They were an odd fit though,” one of the ex-contestants told RadarOnline.com.

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The contestant shared some insight into how Rozlyn could have fallen in love with Ryan though, if indeed she did, saying it’s very easy for contestants to get emotionally connected with producers on the show.

“You spend so much time working with the producers so it’s very easy to get connected with them. Especially when you work long hours and have cocktails with them so I could see how it happened.”

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