DVD Releases for Tuesday, January 12

Halloween II (R)
Michael Myers is back and ready to take care of some unfinished family business in this follow-up to Rob Zombie’s original horror-fest. This time, there’s someone willing to stop him — if they can catch him in time. (Tyler Mane [Michael Myers], Scout Taylor-Compton [Laurie Strode])

In the Loop (Unrated)
In this fast-paced farce, a British government minister is sent to make amends in the U.S. after an on-camera gaffe. But when he arrives on American soil, he becomes a pawn in a web of intrigue among high-ranking officials with clashing agendas. (Peter Capaldi [Malcolm Tucker], Tom Hollander [Simon Foster])

Moon (R)
Astronaut Sam Bell is about to complete a three-year mission on the moon when he suffers a near-fatal accident and encounters a clone of himself. As his support crew makes its way to assist him, he struggles uncover what his mission is really about, and what his role really is. (Sam Rockwell [Sam Bell], Kevin Spacey [Voice of Gerty])

The Hurt Locker (R)
Kathryn Bigelow’s critically acclaimed drama focuses on an elite bomb squad unit in Iraq. When their new unit leader arrives with a brash approach and ostensible death wish, his team is forced to confront their own nagging demons. (Jeremy Renner [Sgt. William James], Anthony Mackie [Sgt. JT Sanborn])

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