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DVD Releases for January 5, 2010

Fifty Dead Men Walking (R)
A 22-year-old hoodlum in 1980s Northern Ireland is recruited to spy for the British. After four years of dangerous work with the IRA — up through his eventual capture — it’s estimated that he saved 50 lives. Ultimately, though, it was his own life that became the most risky. (Jim Sturgess [Martin McGartland], Ben Kingsley [Fergus])

Lorna’s Silence
A young Albanian woman with dreams of starting a business in Belgium makes a marriage deal to get her citizenship and get on with her life. Things go dangerously awry when she learns she’s an accomplice in murderous plan, and she must decide whether to break her silence. (Arta Dobroshi [Lorna], Jeremie Renier [Claudy])

Post Grad (PG-13)
Ryden Malby is fresh out of college and forced to move back home when she can’t get a job. As she reintegrates with her quirky family, she tries to find a career path, a good guy and some sense of what her future might bring. (Alexis Bledel [Ryden Malby], Zach Gilford [Adam Davies])

Trucker (R)
A female, free-wheeling truck driver’s life suddenly changes when her estranged, 11-year-old son shows up at her front door with nowhere else to go. Reluctantly, she takes him, and confronts both her past and her future with a new perspective. (Michelle Monaghan [Diane Ford], Jimmy Bennett [Peter], Nathan Fillion [Runner])

The Ministers (R)
Thirteen years after her father’s gruesome murder, a New York City police detective sets out to get the truth behind the crime, where the only clue left behind is a pamphlet from a secret religious order. As the detective digs deeper, she unwittingly becomes entangled with one of the killers who took her father’s life. (John Leguizamo [Dante Mendoza], Florencia Lozano [Celeste Santana])