DVD Releases for January 19

Across the Hall (R)
Director Alex Merkin’s short thriller became a festival favorite. In this feature-film expansion, he takes his story about two friends and a fiancee to even darker turf, adding more twists, turns and possibilities. (Brittany Murphy [June], Mike Vogel [Julian], Danny Pino [Terry])

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Gamer (R)
Set in a futuristic world where video games involve real people, real guns and deadly mind control, one man defies the odds by refusing to die. Can he survive long enough to be set free, and save humanity from this sadistic technology? (Gerard Butler [Kable], Amber Valletta [Angie], Michael C. Hall [Ken Castle])

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The Bourne Trilogy (Flipper-Discs) (PG-13)
It’s Jason Bourne like you’ve never seen him before. All three of the amnesiac secret agent’s stories are now on DVD and Blu-Ray flipper discs, with extras galore for Bourne’s biggest fans. (Matt Damon [Jason Bourne], Julia Stiles [Nicky Parsons])

The Invention of Lying (PG-13)
Writer Mark Bellison lives in a world where lying hasn’t been invented. When he discovers the concept, he’ll use it for personal gain to make his life a little more fun. (Ricky Gervais [Mark Bellison], Jennifer Garner [Anna McDoogles])

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Whiteout (R)
A U.S Marshal is based at a research base in Antarctica when a murder there reveals a bigger web of secrets. Suddenly, it’s a race against time to solve the mystery before the sun sets for six months — with a killer on the loose. (Kate Beckinsale [Carrie Stetko], Gabriel Macht [Robert Pryce])

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