Dream it! New Show From “American Idol” Creator Simon Fuller

Yes, it’s a reality show  –  from the same people who brought you the juggernaut known as A.I. – but with an interesting twist.  19 Entertainment presents us with five aspiring characters who want to attain stardom. A musician, actor, two actresses and a model meet in N.Y. before traveling to Berlin, Tokyo, Taipei, Sydney, Rio, Toronto, finally returning to the U.S. for a cross-country road trip. When they finally move into a swanky Hollywood Hills house, they are groomed and mentored by celebrities and – wait for it – they get to rehearse and test their ideas online, with viewers around the world. If they can use the power of social media in this interactive reality game, they might just have another American Idol. The show debuts at the end of February. We’ll keep you posted.


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