AUDIO: Bachelor Jake Pavelka Claims He Was Starting To Develop Feelings For Scandal Girl, Rozlyn Papa

Jake Pavelka, the bachelor on this season’s already controversial Bachelor called in to the Valentine in The Morning show Monday to address the scandal that has rocked the airways.

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Bachelor contestant, Rozlyn Papa, is set to be booted off the show Monday, along with a producer, amid accusations of an “inappropriate relationship” between the two of them. Rozlyn adamantly denies that there was anything inappropriate going on between herself and the staffer and in an an exclusive interview with she said that she thinks ABC have a different idea to her about what should be deemed “inappropriate.”

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Jake apparently only learned of the scandal, along with the girls, at the cocktail party towards the end of the show. He said that he didn’t believe it was real first of all, and he along with the other girls had the reaction of “no this isn’t real, this isn’t happening.”

But happen it did. There’s been various rumors floating around that ABC orchestrated the scandal to boost ratings or that Papa was involved in an elaborate ruse to leave the show so she could spend time with her 7-year-old son, but Jake doesn’t believe any of it, he’s sticking by the official party line.

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He did confess though that he did like Papa and that he was “starting to develop feelings for her.”

Incredibly to some, Jake went on to claim that he didn’t go on the show to be the “center of attention”, instead he insists that he went on it to “find true love”.

And love he found it seems. Pavelka claims he fell in love with “several” of the women, and told Valentine that “the human heart can fall in love with several people”.

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