And Michael Lohan’s Boxing Opponent Is…

Not since Rocky Balboa has the City of Brotherly Love seen a boxer like this: Michael Lohan Wednesday announced he will fight aspiring actor Derek Macintosh (who?) during a press conference for Celebrity Boxing 16, scheduled for January 15 in Philadelphia.

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Lohan — who showed off an Ed Hardy-esque tattoo on his bicep during the festivities — failed in his prior bid to fight former reality TV dad Jon Gosselin, but the card features another character involved in the fiasco, Jon’s ex Kate Major, who will act as a referee.

As previously reported, a boxing promoter offered Jon the chance at a $120,000 purse to step into the ring with Glassman’s pal, boxing promoter Damon Feldman, who is upset at Gosselin for the way he’s treated his other ex, Hailey Glassman.

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“I have had enough of this guy,” Feldman told exclusively. “Let’s see if he is man enough to step inside the ring with me!”

And the plot thickens…

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