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VITAFORCE: A Healthy Choice For Your Body And Wallet

Keen to stay proactive about your health, especially in this day and age of swine flu?

Let us introduce you to VITAFORCE, a food powder that tastes delicious in water, juice or a smoothie, and will replace every multi-vitamin and multi-mineral pill in your medicine chest.

VITAFORCE, culled from two dozen of the world’s most nutrient-efficient, organic ingredients (including Spirulina and Broken Cell Wall Chlorella, Wheat Grass Juice, Wildcrafted Calcified Red Algae and Icelandic Kelp) boasts amazing total of more than 2 billion live pro-biotic cells in each serving.

Users of VITAFORCE were elated over the relief to one’s body — and pocketbook — the powerful green powder brings.

“I have been using VITAFORCE for about six months,” Rick Freeman told RadarOnline.com. “It has replaced all of the expensive vitamins and supplements. I am delighted to report that my energy level is high, I seem to be warding off the ‘bugs’ of co-workers and family members, and even my finger nails seem healthier! I trust the product and I like the cost savings, as well.”

Another user, David, marveled over the “natural” energy he said the powder gives him.

“I like the fact that it does NOT contain other non essential herbs or caffeine,” he said.

For more info, check out  www.organichealthandbeauty.com