VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Keeping Quiet On Jon’s Apartment Break-In

Mum’s the word for super-mom Kate Gosselin.

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As she left a Starbucks in Reading, PA with one of her daughters on Monday, Gosselin refused to comment when peppered with questions about the recent trashing of ex-hubby Jon’s apartment in New York.

As exclusively reported, while the alleged break-in is still being investigated by NYC cops, Jon’s attorney Mark Heller is pointing the finger at Jon’s ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, telling us, “Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It’s a simple as that.”

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Glassman’s attorney Stephanie Ovadia denies Hailey was involved, but has admitted to that security footage will show her removing a TV and other items from his apartment when she moved out last week.

Jon called police on Saturday and said he found his apartment ransacked with clothing and other items slashed, plus a note from Hailey speared to a wooden dresser with a knife.

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And you thought the drama was over now that Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been canceled by TLC!

Hailey Claims Jon Stole Her Rent Money

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