VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Complains About Having Bad Gas

It’s tough being Jon Gosselin these days.  He’s being sued for divorce by Kate Gosselin and for breach of contract by TLC in a lawsuit that saw former best pal Michael Lohan testify against him. Former girlfriend Kate Major is threatening to sue him; former girlfriend Hailey Glassman publicly called him a liar.  And now someone’s given him bad gas — really!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:  Michael Lohan Testifies Against Jon Gosselin

We caught up with Jon Thursday at a BMW dealership where he said he was having the gas siphoened out of his vehicle.  He had water in his tank, he said, claiming he’d gotten “bad gas” at a service station.

Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman Shop For A Mercedes

What we want to know is…where were Kate, Kate, Hailey and Michael when the incident occurred?

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