Tony Hawk Has Your Ticket To Ride

One of the most anticipated titles slated for release this holiday season, Tony Hawk: RIDE takes interactive gaming to the next level, as it integrates top-notch technology with an actual skateboard gamers step foot on to play the game.

Tony Hawk: RIDE features a multitude of ways you can test your footedness, with six locations, four difficulty modes, 19 total characters, and an infinite amount of customizations to choose from.

The game has already garnered acclaim from industry insiders such as GameZone, who said “Tony Hawk: RIDE introduces the board controller, and that takes the franchise and genre to new heights,” calling the game “a tremendous leap forward for the genre.”

“This is a title the whole family can get behind and it should provide hours of entertainment, laughter and a nice little leg workout,” according to GameZone.  “If not for the board, this title would be an average Tony Hawk game, but the board makes it a benchmark title. Yes, it is spendy, but this is more than a disk in plastic wrap, this is a next-gen controller that takes the franchise down roads it has never traveled before.”

The game is available on all major consoles; for more info, check out

Tony Hawk Gives Back Via Twitter

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