Rid Yourself Of Cell Addiction Once And For All!


Do you, or does someone you know, suffer from an i-ddiction? Can’t stop punching info into your Crackberry? Do you Tweet and drive at the same time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we’ve got the right elixir to cure your ills: the Cell-R-Derm QT, the pet rock to fit today’s needs.

The Cell-R-Derm QT is a patch that will cure its users of the obsessive compulsion to send that next text, download that next app, or whatever other e-monkey business you might be up to.

Yes, this is a novelty gift, dreamed up by Florida businessmen Peter Venditti and Mark Pinvidic, who joked someone should invent a patch for cell-phone excessiveness. A light bulb appeared, things took off from there, and months later, the Cell-R-Derm QT was born.

“Initially this product was intended to do nothing more than put a smile on your face,” Mark Pinvidic said. “But it also sends a subtle message that there are times when cell phones should be shut off, particularly when driving. There are very few people who don’t know someone who’s obsessed with their cell phone.

“It is kind of the perfect office party gift or stocking stuffer,” he said, “and it’s less than the cost of a pizza, so it fits everyone’s budget.”

Cell-R-Derm QT is only $12.99 and is available at www.cellrderm.com

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