Nevermind The Rest: Aurvana Headphones In A Class Of Their Own

Sharp sound. Comfort. Cables that don’t get all tangled up.

Those are just three of the reasons Aurvana’s Air headphones captured the prestigious 2009 Red Dot Award for Product Design, as they were designed with the listener in mind, boasting off-the-charts degrees of quality, style and durability for your technology dollar.

Regardless of if you’re listening to Nirvana or Sinatra, you’ll be in store for a true visceral experience every time you plug them in and enjoy the sounds powered by Neodymium drivers and acoustically-tuned Bass-Slots, feeding out to a high-purity Oxygen-Free Copper cable and gold-plated plug.

Amazon shopper Randall Jones testified to their quality, calling the Aurvana Air “the best headphones on the market for active persons who want good sound quality.

“I would rate the sound quality a 7.5/8 and fit a solid 9,” he wrote.

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