Moshi Voice Control: The KITT Of Alarm Clocks

The Moshi Voice Control alarm clock doesn’t just talk — it listens, as well.

The device is equipped with innovative technology that allows users to set it, and much more, with the mere sound of their voice.

Just say, “Hello Moshi,” and the alarm with charm politely responds with “Command please,” which lets you trigger any of the voice-activated functions (setting the clock/alarm, finding out the time/date/temperature, playing soothing sleep sounds and turning on a night light).

The clock, which sells for a very affordable $39.99, captured the VisionFree Award from the Stevie Wonder Foundation at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

Users such as Kristy, from Everett, Washington, were thrilled with the support the Moshi provides.

“This thing is cool! I love the voice activation for time and alarm,” she wrote. “All in all, a way cool geek toy to play with. I love the sleek design and big numbers. It’s so futuristic to have the date and time (and temperature!) spoken to you, just like Star Trek! No more late night panics, [like asking yourself,] ‘Did I set the alarm?’ No need to get up, just tell Moshi to set the alarm!”

Others liked the helping hand for those inevitable times you wake up with no clue what time — or day — it is.

“This is the coolest think I’ve ever owned,” one user wrote. “When you wake up in the middle of the night, and you’re not sure what time it is, you don’t need to move at all; “[Just say] ‘Hello Moshi,” and after it says, ‘Command please,’ you say ‘Time’ and she tells you the time … coolest thing ever!”

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