Mel Gibson’s Infant Daughter Passionate About Singing Like Mom Oksana

Mel Gibson’s girlfriend, and the mother of his eighth child, Oksana Grigorieva, says her baby with The Passion director, 2-month-old Lucia, is already taking after her mommy when it comes to humming a few bars.

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“My little daughter … could fuel the subject of a thousand songs,” the gorgeous singer Grigorieva, 39, told Tarts. “The miracle of life alone. She is a song! I constantly sing to her and she sings back.”

The dark-haired beauty, who has another child from a previous relationship, said she is slowly getting acclimated again, to the responsibilities associated with caring for an infant.

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“Logistically, life becomes ‘life squared’,” she said. “The preplanning and the multitasking is something I have to get in step with again.”

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Grigorieva’s latest album, Beautiful Heartbreak, is available through iTunes.

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