Jon Who? Hailey Glassman Goes On First Post-Jon Gosselin Date

Hailey Glassman has kicked Jon Gosselin to the curb—at least for now. The 22-year-old took to her Twitter page on Tuesday, proudly announcing that she recently went on her first post father-of-8 date.

Jon Gosselin’s Court Dates Moved Up

“I’ll be honest, I hung out with friends for the first time in like 8 months since all this s***,” Glassman wrote. “I realized it’s really hard to meet someone new due to I’m prejudged like I don’t have the privacy of letting them know little bits of me, they have a thought in their mind before, if that makes any sense.”

Hailey Glassman Tells World Jon Lies

Hailey continues, “My friend was like ‘I want to set u up, he’s nice n hot ;-)’ So I was like, ‘hm.. I’m in rebound mode now, haha, so I’ll try it.’ Anyway, so she promises me he isn’t into watching TV or any gossip crap. I was like k. First thing he says when we meet ‘Oh, you’re Hailey Glassman.’ I was thinking in my head ‘f***.’ WTF..haha. Anyway I ended up saying I had to go, (don’t worry I made up a nice excuse). Story in a nutshell is I had a rude awakening, that dating is going to be…like, eh, annoying. Then I’m asked questions of everything. Oy-vay.”

Photos: Jon & Hailey Kiss

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