Hangover Cure: Drink Less

Ok, so if that solution doesn’t work for you, maybe get your hands on the AgroLabs natural hangover cures.

The Acai Daily Cleanse combines all hangover cures into one drink, including Milk Thistle, a natural protection against liver toxins, as well as acai berry, pure young green coconut water, antioxidant green tea, healing aloe vera, anti-inflammatory ginger and laxative senna.

The Green Envy Daily Detox will awaken your immune system with a premium blend of natural superfoods that aid in total cellular cleanse, providing a necessary boost to counteract the body’s weakness when suffering a hangover.

We’ve included the  recipe below for AgroLabs Hangover Helper, which infuses you with the essential nutrients and vitamins you lost on your 14 hr binge New Year’s Eve. Available at all major mass market, grocery, drug and vitamin stores, plus at www.agrolabs.com

AgroLabs Hangover Helper
½ oz. Green Envy Daily Detox
½ oz. Acai Daily Cleanse
Juice from ½ lime
4 Mint Leaves
Ginger Ale

Mix ingredients in a glass filled with ice, top with ginger ale and stir. Bottoms up!

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