Give Cupcakes! Crumbs Bake Shop

“Light as Air”
“Can I have another one?”

These were just a few of the comments we got when we did the “official” holiday cupcake tasting with Crumbs Bake Shop cupcakes. Beautifully decorated, the Gingerbread was the hands-down winner, though the Candy Cane came in a close second.

They’re available now, for $3.75 each or $18 for the taste pack. Crumbs Bake Shop

As if our description wasn’t enough, here are some of the ingredients….and a photo gallery! Hungry yet?

PHOTOS: Crumbs Cupcakes

candy cane
vanilla cake filled with green cream cheese, with vanilla cream cheese frosting, edged in red and white sprinkles, decorated with a mini candy cane

apple spice cake filled and frosted with cinnamon vanilla buttercream, edged in crushed gingerbread cookies, decorated with a gingerbread man on top

vanilla cake filled with chocolate fudge, with vanilla cream cheese frosting, edged in blue and yellow sprinkles, decorated with a menorah stenciled disk.

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