EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Deal In The Works

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman will sit down with their attorneys to try and hammer out a deal and work out their legal issues, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Hailey has accused Jon of pushing her against a wall. Jon has accused Hailey of ransacking his apartment, a situation that is being investigated by New York police.

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Now, after days of mudslinging and trading accusations, the two sides are ready to attempt a truce.
Hailey’s attorney Stephanie Ovadia told RadarOnlline.com exclusively: “Hailey, Jon myself and Mr. Heller (Jon’s attorney, Mark Heller) have decided to privately sit down at the table and discuss the matter.  We are going to discuss a resolution.”

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Mark Heller confirmed to RadarOnline that Hailey’s camp contacted his offices. “I told them we would not meet until I get back from vacation,”  Heller told RadarOnline, adding that he will not be back in New York until January 3.  However, Hailey’s lawyer said a conference call with both parties could happen this week.

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Jon has said he returned to his New York apartment after Christmas and found it ransacked. Heller told RadarOnline.com that some of Jon’s belonging were slashed with a knife, his TV was missing and that security tape would show Hailey stealing items from the apartment they once shared.

EXCLUSIVE: Hailey’s Lawyer Admits She Took TV, Denies Burglary

Hailey’s attorney admitted that Jon’s ex-girlfriend took the TV and other items, but said those items belonged to her.

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