EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate Gosselin Attorney Says Jon Will Have To Provide “Considerable Financial Support”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported the divorce between Kate and Jon Gosselin was finalized Friday. And as RadarOnline.com also reported Kate Gosselin is very happy with the outcome and with the financial compensation she has been awarded.

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One thing that Kate must be happy about for sure is that her newly ex-husband has been ordered to pay child support to the mom of 8, a fact  confirmed by her lawyer, Mark Momjian.

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“Yes,  part of the arbitration award consisted of a decision on property division and  child support,” Momjian tells RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “And the amount of the child support goes from him to her and not the other way around.”

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But when it comes to how much (RadarOnline.com has been told by a source close to the situation that it’s a “bundle” of money) Momjian is keeping mum, saying, “I can’t confirm it. We haven’t disclosed what the amount was.

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“But, look, we¹re talking about 8 children here and the enormous expense that goes into raising those children, you¹re obviously going to have to deal with the reality of considerable financial support.

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“It was an issue that was agreed to be presented to the arbitrator and part of the resolution was that an obligation was imposed (on Jon).

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“We’re just hoping that it doesn’t become an issue down the road.”

As far as who got what, Momjian said, “We’re trying to keep a little bit of the privacy, given that in the arbitration both parties agreed not to disseminate information.

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“It’s a very detailed award that goes through all the allegations and I think the reality is that the parties felt it would benefit both of them to not disseminate it.

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“So, I’ve got uphold that standing.

“But it does bring to bear one point and that is that one of Kate’s primary objectives was to stay in the family home with the children and that’s what  she’s going to continue to do.

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“That was her focus from the beginning of the case and it’s still her focus.

“It’s important for the children¹s stability and continuity of care that  they stay in an environment that’s familiar and promotes their happiness.

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“To the extent that Kate will be there with her children in her role as primary parent, that’s something we’re very proud of accomplishing and we’re relieved.”

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