EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin’s Ex Was Set Up Claims Ex-Boyfriend

Hailey Glassman’s latest love interest, boxing promoter Damon Feldman, believes that she was set up by Jon Gosselin after his New York flat was ransacked.

RadarOnline.com previously reported how Glassman’s attorney Stephanie Ovadia claimed her client was simply removing her belongings from the apartment whereas Gosselin believes his former lover trashed his pad.

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But Feldman – who was recently romantically linked with Glassman himself – doesn’t believe she is capable of vandalism.

In an exclusive interview he told RadarOnline.com: “I last spoke with Hailey about a week ago and she was pretty depressed about the whole situation.

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“So, we have decided to give each other some space as I don’t need all this drama surrounding Jon Gosselin.

“In my opinion she has been set up because she was definitely over the guy and had already made arrangements with delivery trucks to remove her possessions before the incident.

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“Hailey may act young and foolish at times but she comes from a really good family and I don’t think she’s the type of person to smash up a place.

“She would be a fool to keep getting involved with Jon Gosselin because in my opinion he’s unstable.

“Hailey is a good kid and she should simply move on with her life. Hopefully, she and I can remain friends in the future.”

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The Glassman-Gosselin ‘love-hate’ relationship took a bizarre twist on Boxing Day after the reality dad called police and said he found his apartment ransacked with clothing and other items slashed, plus a note he claimed was from Hailey speared to a wooden dresser with a knife.

Gosselin’s attorney Mark Heller told RadarOnline.com that Glassman would be ‘going to jail’ as a result of the incident while Ovadia claimed that her client was ‘not even a suspect’ and that security footage would show she was just removing her belongings.

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Damon Feldman added: “Things seem to have gotten out of hand but I believe Hailey just wants to move on with her life and Jon Gosselin can’t handle that.

“The guy has got eight kids for god’s sake there was never going to be a future as Hailey is way too young for that right now.”

The celebrity boxing promoter also revealed to RadarOnline.com that he’s currently in talks with another one of Jon Gosselin’s former flames, ex tabloid reporter Kate Major, to appear at one of his all girl matches in the New Year.

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