Court Rejects Roman Polanski Appeal

Roman Polanski‘s bid to have his sex case dismissed was rejected on Monday
by a California appeals court.

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However, the California 2nd District Court of Appeal also said they were
concerned about possible judicial and prosecutorial misconduct.

“We encourage all participating parties to do their utmost to ensure that
this matter now draws to a close in a manner that fully addresses the issues
of due process and fundamental fairness raised by the events of long ago,”
the court said.

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The original judge who presided over Polanski’s case has passed away but
there has been lingering doubt over how he handled the case. Polanski’s
lawyers argued earlier in December that misconduct was grounds for dismissal
of the charge of having unlawful sex with a minor- something the court
disagreed with.

Polanski wants the case thrown out

Polanski is currently under house arrest at his Swiss chalet and the topic
of his extradition will be decided sometime in the new year.

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