You Never Know When You’re Going To Need One: Magnesium Fire Starter

Are you prepared for an earthquake? Or, when you’re camping and you need to start a fire? (With me, the first one is more likely to happen than the second.)

We have the Coghlan’s Magnesium Fire Starter for our earth quake kit .

What you need to know:
• Solid block of magnesium generates 5400 degree flame source
• Built-in striker bar
• Start 100+ fires with magnesium shavings
• Easy grip handle
• Compact and durable
• Use in any climate at any altitude
• MSRP $5.96

For this price, buy a few and stick them in your various EQ kits, such as the one in your car. (If you live in L.A., statistically the chances are good that’s where you’ll be when the big one hits.)

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