WORLD EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Dina Lohan Says Lindsay’s “Time Is Running Out”

In another exclusive audio tape obtained by, Dina Lohan admits her daughter Lindsay Lohan is drinking again.

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In the phone call, which was recorded in New York, Dina tells her ex-husband and Lindsay’s father, Michael that, “time is running out with this kid. I know, I’m her mother and I feel it and I’m scared.”

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She continues: “She’ll open up to you but it’s nothing compared to what’s going on with this kid. And don’t tell her I told you anything or try to weasel s–t out of her… she’ll tell you when she’s ready to talk about s–t. Right now all I know is she’s starting to drink and that’s bad.”

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On Wednesday, Dina responded to the tapes, calling Michael’s decision to release them “unforgivable” and said that she is working with Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly, to have him incarcerated for recording the calls during a time when Lohan was under an order of protection and not supposed to contact Dina or the family.

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Michael told, “that’s bulls***. I called the house to talk to the kids and she would get on the phone and tell me all of this stuff. I couldn’t control that. I have all the tapes to prove it.”

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