VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Parties With Former Assistant Jenni Muro

Days after posted an exclusive audiotape of Lindsay Lohan’s former assistant, Jenni Muro (in which she rants about Lindsay’s out of control lifestyle) the pair was spotted hitting the clubs together in Hollywood.

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Lindsay showed up at Bardot on Wednesday night in a black SUV driven by Muro. The two made their way into the club where they partied most of the night.

This latest twist of events begs the question: Is Muro back on Lindsay’s payroll? Earlier this week, posted a heated phone call between Muro and Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, in which she complained about the Mean Girls star’s erratic behavior.

Michael Lohan Says Lindsay Lies

“I’m trying to save your daughter’s life every day,” Muro can be heard telling Lohan. “I’m here and I give up my boyfriend and my dog and my parents and my new place in LA and everything so that your daughter doesn’t kill herself, ok?”

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Jenni’s Phone Call To Michael Lohan

At the time that the call was made, Lindsay was in New York shooting a guest appearance on the television show Ugly Betty and Jenni was working for her.

With everything going on in Lindsay’s life these days, let’s hope Jenni is back in the picture to keep a watchful eye on the 23-year-old actress!

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