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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Looking forward to 2010, “To Breathe Again”

It’s been a tumultuous year for Kate Gosselin, with her marriage dissolving in front of her eyes, some very public mud slinging spats with her soon to be ex-husband Jon, seemingly never ending legal woes, the end of her hit TV show and adjusting to life as a single mom of 8.

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So it’s no wonder she’s looking forward to ringing in a fresh start with a new year.

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In a never before aired out take from TLC’s hour long special Kate Her Story, an emotional Kate shares that her divorce will be final “by the end of the year” and that she’s looking forward to 2010, saying, “I can hopefully start to breath again”, it’s a “new life”.

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She also tells of the difficulty of explaining to her children her decision to take off her wedding ring. She says she took it off for a day, then replaced it for a day, then off for two, on for two, and so on, before finally taking the bull by the horns and telling the kids she would no longer be wearing the ring.

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She said she explained to them that she would not be wearing it anymore as she wasn’t “married to daddy any longer”. And then explained to them that she had found a new ring that she was planning to buy, when she could, that was “very symbolic”, a ring with eight little diamonds surrounded by mother of pearl. She said that made the kids “very happy”.