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VIDEO: Jon & Kate Gosselin Bicker At Travel Store

The words “Broken Dreams, Broken Promises, Broken Episodes” flashed across a black screen before the second new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Monday night. One of the first stories “interrupted by the events of this summer” was an episode dubbed “Passports to Nowhere” when the family went to get their passports for an overseas trip that eventually never happened.

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After asking the children not to divulge the location of their trip for security reasons, Kate lashed out at Jon after he slips and mentions their destination while berating Kate for writing “Korea” instead of “South Korea.”

“Kate freaks out about everything.” Jon mumbled under his breath. Kate, who was on the floor looking through the children’s photos as they colored around her, quickly retorted: “I don’t know what planet you’re on!”

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In retrospect, Kate admitted, “I don’t think I handled that too well.” The trip to the travel agency happened during February as rumors of Jon’s alleged infidelity became public.

According to Kate, the trip never happened because “Jon didn’t want the kids to go which made me very sad because it was a lifelong dream of ours to get our kids back to Korea where their ancestors came from.”

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