Vado’s New Pocket-Sized HD Cam Boasts Studio Quality

Electronics manufacturers Creative announced the release of their third-generation Vado HD Pocket Video Cam on Monday, a streamlined device that embodies sleek design with impeccable HD recording.

“We’ve won prestigious awards and accolades for the great performance, ease of use and compact form of our Vado HD cameras,” Creative’s Steve Erickson told “The third-generation Vado HD brings a cool new design and adds additional features to the already award-winning feature set.”

Like its predecessors, the piece is equipped with HDMI out and a wide-angle lens. New features on the cam include: improved quality of video in dim or brightly-lit conditions; a headphone output for private listening; external stereo microphone support for enhanced audio recording; still photo capture mode; compatibility with both PCs and Macs; and motion detection mode, which lets users to program the camera to begin recording as soon as movement is detected.

For more info, check out Editorial note: all the celeb video blogs are shot on the Vado, so check out the video quality.

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