SteelSeries Kinzu: The Mouse You Want In Your House

SteelSeries’ new Kinzu mouse has gotten smaller and more powerful, a complementary tool for gamers seeking pinpoint precision for all their computer and gaming needs.

The Kinzu’s optical sensor is capable of processing an amazingly fast and efficient 9,375 frames-per-second at up to 3,200 CPI; the polling rate can be adjusted between 125 and 1000hz with a millisecond in response time. According to SteelSeries, the optical sensor works at speeds of up to 50 inches per-second, and 20G of acceleration. The mouse is ambidextrous, so anyone can use it to enhance their full performance.

Gamers’ opinions might differ wildly on consoles and titles, but can agree on one thing: for pinpoint accuracy, the SteelSeries’ mouse brings the cheese like no other.

The ultra-sharp mouse, priced at a modest $34.99; for more info, check out

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