PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Shows Her Frustration

It’s been trying times of late for Kate Gosselin. So it’s no surprise the single mom of 8 has a frayed temper at the moment.

Kate’s short fuse was on display Monday when she went to pick up her 8 children after their day at school.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Shows Her Frustration

Kate turned up at the bus stop, after a busy day of running errands in Reading Pennsylvania, without the usual van she drives for the school run.

PHOTOS: Kate Runs Errands

Kate was joined by one of the nannies and they attempted to squeeze all the kids into their two cars.

Kate Gets Pulled Over By The Cops

At one point the usually cool and collected Kate lashed out at the kids, showing that even she can get overwhelmed at times.

PHOTOS: Kate Shops At The Grove In Los Angeles

Kate is set to bare all in an hour long special airing on TLC Monday night. Be sure to check back in with to read about all her heartfelt revelations.

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