Jon Gosselin In Hawaii For Phillies Player’s Wedding

Both Jon and Kate Gosselin were invited to the wedding of Philadelphia Phillies superstar Shane Victorino and Melissa Smith. But that was in April, before Kate filed for divorce.

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Jon and Shane, whose nickname is the Flyin’ Hawaiian, are known to be good friends. The outfielder and Smith live in Las Vegas (another of Gosselin’s favorite cities) and have a daughter Kali, 2.

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Jon was his usual very-casual self while in Hawaii, rarely venturing out of his flip flops and shorts.

He flew to Hawaii Friday, the same day lawyers for TLC decided to add Stephanie Santoro to their list of witnesses being deposed in their lawsuit against the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star.

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Santoro had a brief romantic liaison with Jon and also worked as a babysitter for the Gosselin kids before Kate had her removed.

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Too bad Kate didn’t make it to the wedding, though. Guests had plenty of time to enjoy the sun and surf, and Kate could have tried out a new bikini or two.

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