Kirstie Alley “Dying” To Do Her Own Show

Kirstie Alley Tweeted she’s been “dying” to do her upcoming A&E reality TV show on Tuesday.

“I’ve been dying to flat out do my program, but really wanted to chronicle it and share that with you,” she Tweeted. “We’ll prove [it] can be fun & funny.”

EXCLUSIVE: Kirstie Alley Getting Reality TV Show

As previously reported, the former Cheers star this month begins shooting her 30-minute show that documents her personal and professional life — including her well-documented battles with weight gain.

The Look Who’s Talking star, 58, was a Jenny Craig spokesperson in 2004, and lost 75 pounds by 2006. Since then, Alley has regained most of the weight she lost, making her re-committed to fight the battle of the bulge.

Kirstie Alley’s Elevator Embarrassment

Alley, a Kansas native, referenced her weight in Tuesday’s Tweets, as well.

“Laying in bed all day catching up on much needed rest.. Re-started my weightloss program today.. Soooo excited,” she Tweeted. “Just watched Opra myself.. I looked like Miss Piggy.”

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The series hits the air in 2010.

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