Kamen Rider Dragon Knight An Affordable Stocking Stuffer For The Wii, DS


A hint of Transformers, a dash of Power Rangers and plenty of original new twists have made Kamen Rider Dragon Knight a Saturday morning staple on the CW Network; now its coming to a Wii or Nintendo DS console near you.

“The Kamen Rider Dragon Knight video game is the perfect companion to the TV series,” D3P’s Yoji Takenaka told RadarOnline.com. “For fighting enthusiasts in general, the video game … is a great introduction to the Kamen Rider world but will take the fans of the license and viewers of the TV series even further into the story.”

We’ve tried the game in the office here and been hooked on some of the battle head-to-head battles since the early days of Street Fighter; the game also has single-player mode where you can be any of the 13 Kamen Riders in taking on the evil forces one-by-one.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight goes for a suggested retail price of $29.95, just a fraction of what similar games for the format costs; the game is rated “T” by the ESRB.

For more info, check out d3publisher

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