Jon Gosselin Tweets About Kate’s Tearful TV Appearance

Jon Gosselin is burning up the Twitter airways, tweeting numerous times on Tuesday.

The dad of 8 opened up about his estranged wife Kate’s tearful TV appearance Monday night, tweeting, “Kate even slipped last night and admitted we split up a year ago! Though she claims she ‘didn’t remember’ who called it quits.. Hey at least she said ‘didn’t remember’ instead of lieing [sic].”

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And with regards ex girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Jon tweeted, “I stand behind Hailey because she is the only person who has spoken the brutal truth about (yes, this whole mess of a trainwreck) as it is described. She has gotten the brunt of EVERYONE’S anger and disappointment.”

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As reported Friday Jon and Hailey are currently broken up. Jon talked about their relationship Sunday and said he hopes for a reconciliation.

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It seems Jon is finding some time for his family between his tweeting though, his first tweet of the morning was, “Got up early this morning took Mady and Cara to the bus, came home to then hug my other six little morsels.”

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