Hailey Glassman Tweets About Her Break-Up From Jon Gosselin

Hailey Glassman isn’t keeping quiet about her faltering relationship with Jon Gosselin. “I just want to thank everyone for their support. I was brutally honest and put everything out on the table infront,” she told her Twitter followers.

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Hailey was referring to her interview on TV’s The Insider where she compared her Jon & Kate Plus 8 boyfriend to “Jekyll and Hyde” while still saying she “loves him.”

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One Glassman fan is none other than Star Jones who she said is “a wonderful person who I admire 4 always being strong.”

Glassman also seemed to recognize that not everyone out there is on Team Hailey.

“Now if i’m disliked and hated on fine. At least I know in my heart I spoke the truth so now im fine with your judgements (sic),” she Tweeted.

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